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Generall Collections of Historical Sources

Slavonic chronicles - letopisi

Sources on Muscovy in 16th–17th centuries

Electronic Libraries

Bibliographies & Dictionaries

Electronic Manuscript Libraries



Generall Collections of Historical Sources

This section contains links to collections of historical texts.

History Faculty of Moscow State University - This page collects together sources on Russian History pre-1700

Vostochnaia Literatura - A huge collection of medieval sources

Drevnerusskie berestianye gramoty - Scans and transcriptions of Medieval Russian birchbark documents

Biblioteka literatury Drevrei Rusi - all 15 volumes of the publication series "Библиотека литературы Древней Руси"

Slavonic letopisi

The Russian Primary Chronicle (Laurentian text), translated and edited by Samuel Hazzard Cross and Olgerd P. Sherbowitz-Wetzor. Fully digitized OCR edition, pdf-file.

Pskov 3rd Chronicle, in English translation by David Savignac.

Laurentian Codex 1377 - digitized edition of the Laurentian Codex of the Russian Primary chronicle.

Polnoe Sobranie Russkikh Letopisey (PSRL) (link #2) (link #3) (link #4) - A complete collection of Old Russian chronicles, in pdf and djvu digital document formats

Litopisi - East Slavonic Chronicles from 11-18 centuries in html-format

Letopisi i khroniki (link #2)- an ongoing series of publications dealing with the history of Russian chronicles

Sources on Muscovy in 16th–17th centuries

"Russia in the Reign of Aleksei Mikhailovich" - english translation of Grigorii Karpovich Kotoshikhin's text, edited by Marshall Poe. Open access.

"Посольские книги конца XV - начала XVIII вв." - a huge database of the records of the Muscovite Ambassadorial Chancery (Posol'skii Prikaz) in 15th–18th centuries, composed by Nikolai M. Rogozhin.

Fedorov Primer (Azbuka, L’viv: Ivan Fedorov, 1574). Go to http://catalogue.bl.uk, search for Fedorov Primer, click the first entry, and in the section ‘I want this’ click Digital Item Go.

Book of watermarks 17th–20th cc. (text in Russian only)

Sourcebook on Russian palaeography 11th–18th cc. (TOC in Russian only)

Electronic Libraries

This section contains links to collections of digitized versions of both modern books and manuscripts.

Electronic Library of Ukraine

Polish National Library

Pushkinskii Dom

Russian State Library

Russian National Library

Runivers.ru - A huge online collection of pre-revolutionary books on Russian history

H-Russia's OCR Bookshelf - digitised, searcheable editions of major publications of sources on Russian history, such as the Complete Collection of Laws of the Russian Empire

Bibliographies & Dictionaries

Slovar’ knizhnikov i knizhnosti Drevnei Rusi - Three first volumes (from 11th to 16th century) of the most valuable reference work on writers and writing culture in pre-1700 Russia

Electronic Manuscript Libraries

This section contains links to collections of digitized manuscripts.

Manuscript collection of RSL - digitized manuscripts from the collection of the Russian State Library

Manuscript collection of RNL - digitized manuscripts (11-18 centuries) from the collection of the Russian National Library

Manuscript - Slavonic Written Heritage - early Slavonic texts, including Glagolitic texts.

Biblioteka Frontistesa - Early Slavonic Texts from across South Eastern and Eastern Europe, in particular religious texts.

The Slavonic Antiquity

Obshtezhitie - Web Portal for the Study of Cyrillic and Glagolitic Manuscripts and Early Printed Books.

Kodeks - Old Church Slavonic, Old Russian, Slavic Scripts and Fonts for Slavists; Cultural History of Slavic Countries and Peoples, Southeastern Europe and the Balkans (University of Bamberg).

Versiones Slavonicae - Catalogue of medieval Slavonic translations and their Greek sources

Church Slavonic Books in Sweden: Gothenburg and Skara A catalogue of the Church Slavonic works held in Sweden

Zograf Electronic Research Library - pre-modern Bulgarian manuscripts

Russian Old Believer books - 6 Old Believer books digitized by the Harvard College Library


Parallel Corpus of the Tale of Igor’s Campaign

Corpus of Old Slavic Texts from the XIth Century

Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense - An Electronic Corpus of Old Church Slavonic Texts

RRuDi – A Russian Diachronic Online Corpus

Parallel Text Bible in Old Church Slavonic, Greek, Hebrew, Latin and Modern Russian

Parallel Text Bible in Old Church Slavonic and Other Languages

SKAT - St. Petersburg corpus of hagiographic texts

TITUS - Corpora in Old Church Slavonic and other pre-Modern Slavic languages