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This page contains links to internet resources with images relating to the Early East Slavic Lands, many of which are available for download and use. If you have suggestions for additions to this page, please contact the editors here.

Drawings of Muscovy from The Mayerberg Album

A Map of the World of Russian Folk Epics

William C. Brumfield's  photographic ​resources for study of Russian architecture​


Drawings of Muscovy from The Mayerberg Album

A collection of images of Moscow and Muscovites produced in the 1660s, scanned by Daniel Waugh. These images are available for download and use.

A Map of the World of Russian Folk Epics

An interactive online map that attempts to re-create the geographic spaces of the Russian Byliny, produced by the website Arzamas Academy.

William C. Brumfield's photographic ​resources for study of Russian architecture​

NB ​! ​ Willia​m B​rumfield​ ​ holds all rights to these photographs. They may be downloaded, with photo credit, for classroom or conference purposes. Brumfield's permission must be obtained for any publication use--whether article, book or electronic form.  E-mail him here.

1.   The primary Russian site devoted to Brumfield's photographic work​ ​is maintained by ​the Culture Dept of Vologda oblast'. The site is in both Russian and English. Included in the site are a number of articles.
General site address:
The main part of the Vologda site is the Photoarchive, which currently displays some 22,000 images.
Direct link:

2.  The main collection of Brumfield's work is held at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The NGA Department of Image Collections has archived almost 60,000 digital images by Brumfield. The NGA also has on long-term loan approximately 40,000 B/W negatives, of which some 10,000 have been printed as 8"x10" study prints. This material is accessible at the study center in the West Wing. (Registration required).
Only a small fraction of this material is currently on line. There are, however, three slide gallery special features via the following links:   

3.  The Library of Congress has posted approximately 1,200 images scanned from slides donated by Brumfield to LC as part of the Meeting of Frontiers Project  (
Entry to Brumfield site:

4.  182 images from the above Library of Congress site have been reformatted for the World Digital Library project. Each image is accompanied by a concise description in seven languages, including English and Russian.
These images are accessible via the following link:

5.  "Russia beyond the Headlines" (the foreign internet service of the national newspaper Rossisskaia Gazeta) has commissioned an ongoing bimonthly series of articles and slide galleries based on Brumfield's documentation of Russia's architectural heritage. Entitled "Discovering Russia," this RBTH series currently contains a total of almost 3,200 images, most of which can be displayed full screen.
Link to the entire "Discovering Russia" series:

6.  The site, dedicated to Russian Orthodox Churches, currently has almost 500 images by Brumfield.
Direct link to the collection:
The site also has an interactive map showing the geographic range of Brumfield's work posted on the site:

7.  A site founded by Pomor State University has several hundred photographs by Brumfield of the architectural heritage of Arkhangelsk oblast'. Although this site has been superseded by the Vologda site listed above and has not been expanded, it contains unique material, together with articles. The site is in both English and Russian.
Collection link:

8. ​Created by the governor's office of Perm Region, this small but elegant gallery contains 20 b/w photographs of churches in Solikamsk​
​Site address:​