Digitization Projects

This page contains information on and links to current digitization projects relevant to Early Slavic studies. If you have a digitization project that you would like to be included on this page, please contact the editors here.


Russian-Athos Relations (at: http://afon.rusarchives.ru/)

Project digitizing various manuscripts relating to Russian links with Greek monasteries

Hagioslavica (at: http://hagioslavica.com/en/home/)

Dr. Diana Atanassova (Project director)

Hagioslavica is designed as a project in development aiming at granting access – by means of modern technologies – to the medieval Slavic hagiographic heritage. What is going to be shown first is the so-called Stanislav’s Мenologion (Stanislav's Četi-Minei) – a valuable fourteenth century manuscript written on parchment and kept at St St Cyril and Methodius National Library in Sofia.

Hagioslavica has resulted from the work of a group of young scholars specialised in Medieval Slavic studies and has been supported by the Science Fund at the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. It was kindly assisted by St St Cyril and Methodius National Library, institutionally supported by the Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski and cooperated on by Projectoria.

The project’s principal task is the publication and research of the Stanislav’s Menologion (Stanislav’s Četi-Minej). It is one of the most valuable medieval Slavic manuscripts preserved at the St St Cyril and Methodius National Library. The webpage has been developed in a way that the information available here could be regularly updated and elaborated not only with some news related to the project, but also with additional content, including further manuscripts and metadata on them. The digital images are supplied with a critical apparatus – detailed information about the codex, identification of the Greek originals of the texts according to BHG and bibliographic data on each of the codex entries.

Cyrillomethodiana (University of Sofia)

Scans of and related academic resources on early Bulgarian texts.


The Laurentian Codex

Scans and transcriptions from the 1377 Laurentian Codex.


Codex Suprasliensis (UNESCO)

Scans, transcriptions of and related academic resources on the Codex Supraliensis.