New resources tab and the future of H-EarlySlavic

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Dear subscribers of H-EarlySlavic,

As an editor of this network I have some news and questions for you. First, I have recently rearranged the resources tab, you may see now the result. I have narrowed down all scattered pages and links into eight new categories and thus also created a couple new pages. F.ex. you can find now all cfps, which have been published on this network, on a separate page. So please do browse through the new resources tab and make yourself familiar with it. It also looks now a bit fancier than before.

I will continue to edit and complete the pages, especially the overview of the electronic resources (sources, libraries, maps etc.). It would be great if you participate in this undertaking. Especially in the current pandemic situation many of us probably have to rely extensively on e-materials. So please share your interesting findings, be it a collection of scanned sources, an interesting digitized project with the focus on early Slavic studies, an electronic library, a collection of images or maps etc. You can post the links that you want to be added into our resources collection here in the comments or as a standard discussion or just write an email to the editorial address. I personally think that H-EarlySlavic can perfectly fulfill the role of an online-storage for all possible resources connected to the field of Slavic Studies.

And this brings me to my next question: how do we all see the future and the function of this network? You have probably noticed that since the last year or so the intensity of discussions here has gone down, although we currently have something like 650 subscribers. It raises the question whether the H-net platform is the most convenient way to share news and ask questions in a scholarly community. You are probably also subscribed to the ESSA Mailing List which fulfills some of the same functions as this network does. It would be great to hear your thought and ideas about H-EarlySlavic, how you prefer to use it and where you see the potential of further development. So please do comment what you expect from or what you want to see more on H-EarlySlavic: for example, calls for papers, book announcements? Do you miss something important, or does something seem to be extremely unpractical and complicated? As I have already mentioned, I think H-EarlySlavic can at least serve the role of a databank for e-resources, (assumed that we regularly add new links and check the old ones), but I am also very exited to hear your opinion.     



Dear Gleb,

Thank you for your work as H-EarlySlavic Editor, and in developing the resources pages, they really look great. I do not have any particular answers to the questions you pose, other than agreeing that H-EarlySlavic provides a convenient portal for bringing together the various web resouces on Early Slavic Studies. Even if this ends up being the main thing H-EarlySlavic does in future, I think that is a worthy activity.

Thank you again for your work, Gleb.

Best Wishes,

Clare Griffin