Enigma in Medieval Slavic Culture Symposium

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Dear Colleagues,

You are warmly invited to the Enigma in Medieval Slavic Culture symposium on 14-16 November 2019, to be held at the University of Cologne. 

Further infomation see below.

I hope to see you in November in Cologne.


Agnes Kriza

International Symposium
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Enigma in Medieval Slavic Culture is an interdisciplinary conference which explores the significance, specifics, function and history of riddles in the culture of medieval Rus and, more broadly, Orthodox Slavs. It will bring together early Slavists, Byzantinists, art historians and historians to examine the problem of enigma in literature, art and various cultural phenomena. Through case studies across disciplinary and medial boundaries, it aims to find methodologies by which medieval enigmas, both textual and visual, can be deciphered. It seeks to identify their common characteristics, but also their change and transformation across space and time.

University of Cologne, Neuer Senatssaal, Main Building, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, Cologne

Mirela Ivanova (University of Oxford)
Hidden Truth: Solomon’s Chalice in the Life of Constantine-Cyril and Ninth-Century Byzantine Thought

Petia Ianeva (Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski University)
The Correlation Between Enigma, Mystery, and Parable as Key Words in Symeon’s Miscellany

Marina Babalyk (Petrozavodsk, Kizhi State Open-Air Museum)
Enigmas in the Apocrypha “Conversation of the three saints”

Keynote lecture:
Boris Uspenskij (Moscow, National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Никодимово евангелие и культ св. Лонгина

Aleksandr Preobrazhensky (Moscow, Lomonosov State University)
Verbal and visual riddles in Medieval Russian iconography

Ágnes Kriza (University of Cologne)
Explaining the Visual: Russian Icon Commentaries

Polina Maier (Ostkirchliches Institut an der Universität Würzburg)
The Coal of the Enlightenment of Isaiah: Visions and Meanings in late Russian icon-painting

Igor Danilevsky (Moscow, National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Загадки Остромирова Евангелия

Maria Korogodina (St. Petersburg, Russian Academy of Sciences Library)
Slavic Commentaries on Nomocanon and Sacralization of Canon Law in Russia at the end of 13th – 16th centuries

Priscilla Hunt (Harvard Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies & University of Massachusetts, Five Colleges Inc.)
The Riddle and Enigma of the Cross in Muscovite Political Theology

Poster Presentation: Lyubov Osinkina (University of Oxford)
The Mystery of Job’s Daughters’ Magical Belts: between the Word and the Image

Theatre of the Italian Cultural Centre (Italienisches Kulturinstitut), Universitätsstraße 81, Cologne

Rainer Stichel (Universität Münster)
Der Zugang zur Heiligen Schrift – schwierig wie ein Labyrinth

Margaret Dimitrova (Sofia, St. Kliment Ohridski University)
Christian exegesis behind the medieval Slavonic translators' choices

Keynote lecture:
Anissava Miltenova (Sofia, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Adelina Angusheva-Tihanov (University of Manchester)
The Enigma of the Night: Dream Interpretations in Medieval Slavonic Apocrypha

Tatiana Afanasyeva (Saint-Petersburg State University)
Толкования на литургию в средневековых славянских источниках: символы и реальность

Fjodor Uspenskij (Moscow, National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Культ святых и загадки имянаречения в допетровской Руси

Alexei Lidov (Moscow, Lomonosov State University)
Kavod-Doxa. A Jewish enigma in Church Slavonic Iconography

Irina Shalina (St. Petersburg, State Russian Museum)
Mysterious motifs in Old Russian icons

Justin Willson (Princeton University)
The Four Virtues of Solomon in Ivan IV’s Golden Chambers Frescoes

Alexei Gippius (Moscow, National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Savva M. Mikheev (Moscow, Russian Academy of Sciences)
Enigmas and enigmatic in early Rus’ epigraphy

Dmitrii M. Bulanin (St. Petersburg, Russian Academy of Sciences)
Cryptography in the East Slavonic Manuscripts of the end of the 14-15th century

Alice Isabella Sullivan (University of Michigan)
Visual Riddles and Cryptograms in Medieval Slavic Manuscripts

Icon Museum Recklinghausen, Kirchplatz 2A, Recklinghausen

Welcome - Lutz Rickelt (Icon Museum Recklinghausen)
Eva Haustein-Bartsch (Icon Museum Recklinghausen)
Die rätselhaften Ikonen im Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen