Attention, women of a certain age

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Dear colleagues,
I have a terrific senior student, Amanda Durfee, who is deeply interested in Russian history (and preparing to apply to History PhD programs). She is currently taking a class which has an oral history project. She is doing her project on female experts of Russia/USSR and is looking for a subject or subjects who did their graduate work and came of professional age during the Cold War whom she could interview about their professional path and experiences.
This would involve a 1-hour skype or phone interview. That's all. I am one of her subjects and being interviewed about myself put me in mind of the line in Dar Williams' song, "Oh how I love everybody else when I get to talk so much about myself." Plus, you'd be helping out a worthy student. If you are interested and able to spare the time, please email Amanda Durfee. Email:
Thank you for considering.
With all best wishes,
Erika Monahan
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