Kievan or Kyivan Rus'?

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Dear readers of H-EarlySlavic,

The current war certainly will and already does change our perspective on history of the region, and sometimes in some unexpected forms. I noticed recently that the spelling "Kyivan Rus'" is being used more and more often, in addition or sometimes as a contract to "Kievan Rus'". Although diversity is in most cases a good thing to have, in this particular instance this creates kind of a problem for bibliography or any attempt for categorization of keywords, where one is usually supposed to make a choice (I am not speaking here about the situation when one just transliterates the term from Cyrillic alphabet). May I ask, how do you discuss this problem with your students or peers? Is there any general agreement about which spelling should be prioritized? Is it something to be addressed in a kind of collective academic discussion?

Best, Gleb

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