Russian History Table of Contents 48 no. 2, 2021

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ANDREY DVORNICHENKO, Why the GDL? Why Muscovy? The Early States of Eastern Europe in Comparative Historical Discourse

CHARLES J. HALPERIN, Josephians and the History of the Grand Prince of Moscow Revisited

ALEXANDER KAMENSKII, Church and State and the Conflict over the Erosion of Morals in 18th-Centruy Russia

OLEG RUSAKOVSKIY, Foreign Military Law and Mercenary Contract in Seventeenth-Century Russia: The Case of the Smolensk War, 1632-1634


RUSSELL E. MARTIN, "Whomsoever  He Wishes As His Successor": Paul Bushkovitch, Succession to the Throne in Early  Modern Russia: The Transfer of Power 1450-1725.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021.