Extended Deadline: Call for Papers: (in)Visibility Issue of 'Critical Studies'

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Extended Deadline: Call for Papers: (in)Visibility Issue of 'Critical Studies'

We are extending our deadline to the 13th October for submissions to the (in)Visibility Issue of 'Critical Studies'.

Critical Studies is an interdisciplinary journal of the humanities, dedicated to critical studies broadly construed. It is an annual, open access, peer-reviewed print and digital publication, and functions both as a traditional academic journal and as an annual report of the activity of the Critical Studies Research Group, a postgraduate community based in University of Brighton’s School of Humanities.

Access all articles and the full journal online here: http://www.criticalstudies.org.uk/journal.html

Call for Papers Issue 2: (in)Visibility

Politics has been diversely theorised as the making visible what is invisible, as the uncovering what is covered up, as the giving voice to the mute, as the inclusion of those excluded into the regime of the perceptible. Secrecy is typically connected to the state and its agencies operating in the shadows, or to the police order and its suppression of the voices of the marginalised and abjected. Valuable, powerful, and potent though such theorisation may be, it leaves unanswered the question of the value that may lie in remaining, precisely, invisible, of keeping off the radar, of staying underground, for radical activism, artistic performance, and alternative politics.

Critical Studies welcomes papers on these and related topics from a broad range of disciplines, both research papers and non-conventional forms of presentation related to the issue topic. We encourage transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary contributions.

Deadline for submission 13th October 2015

Full Call for Papers, style and submission guides available here: http://www.criticalstudies.org.uk/call-for-papers.html

All enquiries to: CriticalStudiesResearch@brighton.ac.uk

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