CALL FOR AUTHORS: The SAGE Encyclopedia of Advertising & Society

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Golson Media is producing The SAGE Encyclopedia of Advertising & Society. We are reaching out to members of the H-DigiRhet community to join this exciting project.

We are inviting academic editorial contributors to The SAGE Encyclopedia of Advertising & Society, a new 4-volume reference to be published in 2016. As corporations spend $620 billion globally each year to make their products desirable, we are examining how advertising affects society, not only in the United States but around the world, from China’s newfound, regulated capitalism to political attack ads in the United Kingdom.  The SAGE Encyclopedia of Advertising & Society includes approximately 700 articles. The following is a sampling of available entries that is of interest to H-DigiRhet members:

Advertising in Public Spaces (playgrounds, etc.)
Advertising to Children, Ethics of
Alcohol Advertising, Ethics of
American Marketing Association Statement of Ethics
Body Image in Advertising
Boiler Rooms (investments sales)
Deception in Advertising
Drug Advertising, Inclusion of Warnings in Ads
Educational Product Claims, Ethics of
Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising
Gender Bias
Product Defects, Inclusion of Warnings in Ads
Health Claims in Advertising
Junk Food Advertising, Ethics of
Prescription Drugs,  Advertising of (including direct to consumer)
Product Origin Claims (e.g., “Made in the USA”)
Pyramid Schemes (e.g., the “airplane game”)
Sex Appeal in Advertising
Subliminal Advertising
Tobacco Advertising, Ethics of
Warning Labels

Each 1,000 to 5,000-word article will include the name and affiliation of the contributor in the byline of the entry. This comprehensive project will be published by SAGE Publications and the General Editor, who will be reviewing each submission to the project, is Dr. Isabella Cunningham, The University of Texas at Austin. We are currently making assignments with a deadline for submissions of March 15, 2015.

If you are interested in contributing to this cutting-edge reference, it can be a notable publication addition to your CV/resume and broaden your publishing credits. SAGE Publications, offers an honorarium ranging from SAGE book credits for smaller articles up to a free set of the printed product for contributions totaling 10,000 words or more.  

The list of available articles is already prepared, and as a next step we will e-mail you the Article List (Excel file) from which you can select topics that best fit your expertise and interests. Additionally, Style and Submission Guidelines will be provided that detail article specifications.

If you would like to contribute to building a truly outstanding reference with The SAGE Encyclopedia of Advertising & Society, please contact me by the e-mail information below. Please provide your CV or a brief summary of your academic/publishing credentials in related disciplines.


Thanks very much.
Mark Golson, Author Manager