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Volume 7, Issue 2

Democracy in the Time of COVID-19

Guest Editors: Afsoun Afsahi, Emily Beausoleil, Rikki Dean, Selen A. Ercan,

Jean-Paul Gagnon



Democracy in a Global Emergency: Five Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic

Afsoun Afsahi, Emily Beausoleil, Rikki Dean, Selen A. Ercan, and Jean-Paul Gagnon



Who Governs in Deep Crises?: The Case of Germany

Wolfgang Merkel


COVID and the Era of Emergencies: What Type of Freedom is at Stake?

Danielle Celermajer and Dalia Nassar


How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Democracy?

Lauri Rapeli and Inga Saikkonen


Centralized or Decentralized: Which Governance Systems are Having a “Good” Pandemic?

Jennifer Gaskell and Gerry Stoker


COVID Revolution

Jodi Dean


The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Central and Eastern Europe: The Rise of Autocracy and Democratic Resilience

Petra Guasti


Latin America and COVID-19: Political Rights and Presidential Leadership to the Test

Brigitte Weiffen


The Democracy of Everyday Life in Disaster: Holding Our Lives in Their Hands

Nancy L. Rosenblum


Babies and Boomers: Intergenerational Democracy and the Political Epidemiology of COVID-19

Toby Rollo


COVID-19, Democracies, and (De)Colonialities

Marcos S. Scauso, Garrett FitzGerald, Arlene B. Tickner, Navnita Chadha Behera, Chengxin Pan,

Chih-yu Shih, and Kosuke Shimizu


Gender, Leadership and Representative Democracy: The Differential Impacts of the Global Pandemic

Kim Rubenstein, Trish Bergin, and Pia Rowe


Innovation Policy, Structural Inequality, and COVID-19

Shobita Parthasarathy


Rethinking Democratic Theories of Justice in the Economy after COVID-19

Louise Haagh


Solidarity in Times of Pandemics

Barbara Prainsack


Theorizing Democracy in a Pandemic

Peter Levine


American Quarantine: The Right to Housing in a Pandemic

Bonnie Honig


Open Borders and the COVID-19 Pandemic

David Owen


European Democracy after COVID-19

Ulrike Guérot and Michael Hunklinger


No Demos in the Pandemic

Asma Abbas


Coronavirus, Democracy and the Challenges of Engaging a Planetary Order

Milja Kurki


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