Looking for photos of CT agricultural practices

H-Connecticut readers --

I am developing a new program titled Reflections on Agrarian Connecticut, Past, Present & Future and would like to hear from Connecticut's local history museums if they have significant photographic evidence of agricultural practices in their locales. Farming, fishing, oysters, tobacco. livestock, chickens, diary, etc.  Also anecdotes about current practices, farms that have not only survived by are thriving - farmers markets, farm to table events or locally-grown ag-based business.

Education Lecture: CHS How Technology is Changing Both Learning and the Educational Landscale

As part of the Connecticut Historical Society’s strategic planning process, we have invited a series of speakers to come talk to our board as part of a board education initiative. We thought next week’s speaker might be of interest to our friends in both formal and informal education in the area, and so we are hosting a casual discussion session prior to the evening board meeting. We’d love to have you join us.


When: Monday, March 24, from 11:00 am - noon

Where: Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth Street, Hartford

History and Human Rights Perspectives on Connecticut: Sagas, Scandals, Spirits and Slavery

The Haddam Historical Society will present a series of five lectures by the authors of books that look at Connecticut history from a human rights perspective.  “History and Human Rights Perspectives on Connecticut: Sagas, Scandals, Spirits and Slavery" will showcase new and recent works of nonfiction of particular relevance to Connecticut residents and readers. Slavery, the anti-slavery movement, women's rights, and Connecticut support for the plantation economy of the South are just a few of the topics that this new series will address.


Global Encounters in Early America, exhibition and symposium in Worcester MA

Global Encounters in Early America

April 3-5, 2014

The College of the Holy Cross and the American Antiquarian Society

Worcester, Massachusetts



Inquiry for a speaker on early American coins

My director has given me the task to set up local history programs here at the Hagaman Library in East Haven, CT.  We are planning a program on March 25th on the coin collection of Mr. Isaac Hagaman, the library's benefactor, who left funding for the current library building in 1928. Mr. Hagaman owned a New York hotel and no doubt came upon many coins from around the world which we now have here at the library.  There is a gold doubloon from 1787, a Lincoln campaign token, a number of Roman coins, a Grant fifty cent piece and other early American and world coins.


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