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American Revolution Portal Database:

Scholars can now access revolutionary-era maps of Connecticut and other colonies from leading cartographic collections around the world with one search. The American Revolution Portal features maps from the French and Indian War (1754-1763) to the early days of the new republic. The collection focuses on maps of European colonies in North America and the Atlantic world. Users can download them for research or classroom use.

Town Historians in Connecticut

This fall, the Connecticut Historical Society and the Connecticut State Historian Walter Woodward would like to host a one-day conference for Connecticut town/municipal historians.  Unfortunately, there is no list of the historians' addresses.  If you are a town historian, would you please contact me and give me your e-mail, home mail, and phone contact information so that we can include you?  We have a survey going up on the web to assess sessions of interest at the conference.

Many thanks --

Llyn Kaimowitz

kaimo "at" comcast.net

'...the state of Connecticut demonstrates greater leadership and a more profound understanding of its history community.'

I would like to share this compliment to the management and promotion of CT history found on the New York State History Blog:


NYS History Fail: A Better Connecticut Example

By Peter Feinman on June 23, 2015

Recomendations for works to be used in my Public History Course

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing this hoping one of you fine scholars might be able to offer me some advice or insight into an issue I am facing in my Public History programs. I am teaching a new Advanced Topics in Public History course this upcoming Fall semester for undergraduate students and the theme will be the use and spread of technology within the field of Public History.

Connecticut Explored Looking for Stories and Authors

For our Fall issue, Connecticut Explored, the magazine of Connecticut history, is looking for story ideas and authors on the topic of things that represent the "Connecticut brand"-things that were created here, invented here, or are associated with Connecticut. Examples that have already been covered in the magazine include firearms and Peter Pan candy. Know of any new research on a topic that would work for this issue? Read anything lately or seen an exhibit that could provide an idea? Got any suggestions for scholars or authors that could pen an interesting article?

Advocacy Alert: CT Humanities and History Rally Day, April 8, 2015

Governor Malloy's proposed two-year budget (for FY 2015-17) would eliminate state support for many of your favorite heritage and cultural organizations statewide. His plan would eliminate two-thirds of the Connecticut Humanities Council budget, 75 percent of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation's budget, and 60 percent of the Connecticut League of History Organization's budget.


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