Looking for information on A. Raymond Ellis, Hartford architect

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(Posted on behalf of Patricia Hardesty)
Greetings, list:

I am trying to find papers of A. Raymond Ellis (1882-1950) or of his architectural firm which was in Hartford for his entire professional life. He designed a number of homes in Hartford, and lived at Westmoor Park in the 20s and 30s. He was also the Architectural Editor of Woman's Home Companion, where he dispensed advice on homebuilding. The magazine featured his designs (mostly Colonial Revival), and readers could order the plans. He also had a column in the Hartford Courant. I am hoping to write an article on him. So far, I am relying on his articles in Woman’s Home Companion and other publications, as well as on articles in the Hartford newspapers. I am surprised that no one has (apparently) written about him before.

To date, I have not been able to find any records of his architectural firm or any personal papers in a repository.

Ellis was born in Nova Scotia and attended MIT, but he lived in Hartford most of his life. His son, John Crosby Ellis, was born in 1933; if he is still living, I am hampered in finding him by the commonness of his name. 

If anyone has any information that might be of use to me, especially regarding any archival trail, it would be wonderful if they would get in touch with me at hardespn@jmu.edu

Thanks so much for considering this request.


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