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H-Connecticut readers --

I am developing a new program titled Reflections on Agrarian Connecticut, Past, Present & Future and would like to hear from Connecticut's local history museums if they have significant photographic evidence of agricultural practices in their locales. Farming, fishing, oysters, tobacco. livestock, chickens, diary, etc.  Also anecdotes about current practices, farms that have not only survived by are thriving - farmers markets, farm to table events or locally-grown ag-based business.

This is a link to a flyer promoting the program - which will debut at a "CT at Work" program titled "Reflections on Our Agrarian Past, Present & Future"  at the Institute for Community Research in Hartford on June 21st.




Bill Hosley
Terra Firma Northeast

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Here are a few things that might be of use:

You can search our various finding tools to locate images and descriptions of artifacts and documents: http://www.litchfieldhistoricalsociety.org/library/tools.php.

Litchfield's Echo Farm was the first dairy to commercially bottle milk:

A few online books/articles

Farm Echos by F. Ratchford Starr:



A few of the many modern working farms from the Litchfield Area

Laurel Ridge: http://lrgfb.com/

Arethusa Farm: http://www.arethusafarm.com/

Bunnell Farm: http://www.bunnellfarm.org/

Linda Hocking

Curator of Library & Archives

Litchfield Historical Society