Inquiry for a speaker on early American coins

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My director has given me the task to set up local history programs here at the Hagaman Library in East Haven, CT.  We are planning a program on March 25th on the coin collection of Mr. Isaac Hagaman, the library's benefactor, who left funding for the current library building in 1928. Mr. Hagaman owned a New York hotel and no doubt came upon many coins from around the world which we now have here at the library.  There is a gold doubloon from 1787, a Lincoln campaign token, a number of Roman coins, a Grant fifty cent piece and other early American and world coins. I may have someone to speak on the Roman coins, but need someone to speak on the early American coins.  Could anyone recommend someone who would be willing to look at the collection and give a presentation here at the library? I can be reached at 203-468-3890 or

Thank you,

Fawn Gillespie

Local History and Archives Librarian

Hagaman Memorial Library, East Haven, CT



Fawn, Have you tried the American Numismatic Society in NYC? They might be able to help.


Caroline Sloat

Thanks so much Caroline- I just came upon them the other day and have spoken to them about the possibility of a speaker!  Fawn