Weekend Reading 09/22/2017

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Dear All,

El País has a piece on the recent police operations in Catalonia to try to stop the independence referendum planned for 1 October. The Financial Times published an article on ensuing street protests in the region. Euractiv has a story on ‘gastro-nationalism’ and Spain’s new law to include the origin of milk on the label of milk and dairy products.

Reuters has a story on the nationalism surrounding Trump’s recent speech to the UN. New York Post has an op-ed hailing his speech as ‘nationalism without isolationism’, while the San Francisco Chronicle has an op-ed criticizing it. The Bangkok Post has an op-ed critiquing Trump’s UN speech. New York Daily News has an op-ed on why White nationalists in the US revere Russia. The Pacific Standard has an opinion piece arguing that Trumpian economic nationalism has not guided by actual economics. Vox has a story on the women of the alt-right movement.

US News and World Report has a story on the German Nationalist Party and its anti-Islam platform.

Radio Free Asia has a story on the Myanmar nationalists’ protest of recent “terrorist attacks” blamed on Muslim extremist.

Reuters has a story on recent comments made by the Brazilian President decrying the rise of nationalism and protectionism around the world.

Huffington Post has an op-ed comparing Trumpian-style nationalism with nationalism in Indonesia.

Huffington Post has an op-ed that argues that the idea of world citizenship is more popular than nationalism.

The Australian has a story on the airing of the patriotic Chinese film ‘Wolf Warriors’ In Australia and the emotional response from ex-pat Chinese after seeing it.

The Telegraph has an op-ed on Scottish independence.


Emmanuel Dalle Mulle and Justin Collier