Call for 2022/23 research resident applications at an intentional community in Oxfordshire, UK. 

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Braziers Park School of Integrative Social Research is now inviting applications for 2022 and 2023 research residents. We seek applications from researchers who are seeking to carry out individually led but mutually supported projects that aim to contribute to our understanding of human community and its place in nature. ACRE residents come to live as community members at Braziers on a short-term basis (usually 6-12 months, but shorter periods considered) and contribute to the community (in part) through their research. We consider applications from a broad range of disciplines as well as non-academic specialists whose work can be supported by the research or community culture here or might require them to be working on site. We are keen to facilitate collective research projects that would be of benefit to the community and its links to the wider world.

There are currently up to five resident researchers at any time, and other community members contribute to research sessions and activities. Current topics being explored include post-consumerism, inter-community collaboration, change in intentional community, representing community life through fiction and interpersonal affect and atmosphere. ACRE residents’ activities include research update sessions (offering peer support), special topic sessions that report on projects or develop particular themes of mutual interest to the group and wider community, as well as events such as our upcoming UK Communities Conference. We are particularly interested in projects that might directly or indirectly address our 2022 theme of “communicating communities” which aims partly to consider the way in which communal living is represented, and how intentional communities might share knowledge. 

We are currently inviting applications for summer and autumn 2022 and spring 2023.

Further details about ACRE and making an application can be found on our website at
Join us for the UK communities conference on 8–10 July 2022