Glossary of Translated Terms and Phrases

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Greetings all,

I'm thinking of putting together a glossary of translated terms and phrases, eg.:

 إله الأسمآءLord of all Names (lawhi-salat)
مطالع غيبك العليّDay-Springs of Thine Invisible Essence (lawhi-salat)
الاحكامcode of laws (kitab-i-aqdas)








But I don't want to invent the wheel - does anyone know if one already exists?

Also, searching the Arabic text is a bit onerous when you have to do it PDF by PDF and often they are images, not text. Is there much in the way of searchable text for the Writings in Arabic (and Persian? Although I don't know Farsi so I'm really interested in the Arabic primarily).



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Dear Rachel,
There have been a few such lexicons, some in print, and some in computer program form (sorry but I don't have the names/compilers at hand and some of them were not "published" or generally accessible to the public). I would caution against the assumptions in the example that you have provided, however, because there is rarely a static one-to-one correspondence between concepts or phrases in the Arabic and Persian, and the English translations of Shoghi Effendi, who was very context sensitive in translating. Any such lexicon should therefore give multiple renderings.
yrs, Franklin Lewis

Excellent, that's *exactly* what I'm after, thanks Iskandar!