H-Baha'i Springing Back to Life

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My name is Patrick Cox and I'm Vice-President for Networks at H-Net.

Like many of you, I've been very happy to see H-Baha'i springing back to life. The recent queries and discussions indicates there is interest in reviving H-Baha'i among the 160 subscribers. This is opportune timing: H-Baha'i once made available through its website an archive of Iranian and Persian manuscript images that we have yet to migrate to the newer Commons format. I'm happy to say we are now undertaking this large and complex endeavor and this resource will once again be available. Holding this collection out of the public view has been somewhat in contradiction to our own open access principles. Once completed, the archive will be a valuable resource for Baha'i scholars and significantly enhance H-Baha'i.

In order to keep H-Baha'i moving forward, to keep discussions active and potentially add new resources, and to provide some field expertise to the organization of the aforementioned manuscript resource, H-Baha'i needs editors. I've been happy to hold down the fort, but this network needs to be run experts who know the field of study far better than I.

The opportunities include keeping the field appraised of upcoming relevant events, moderating discussions, and moving your own and others' research into digital humanities formats that might include videos and podcasts, interactive maps and timelinesblogspeer review publications and more. H-Net provides ample training and support, and I'm willing to remain on board until new editors are comfortably established. 

I hope interested folks will contact me at vp-net@mail.h-net.msu.edu and we can discuss this some more.


Patrick Cox, H-Net VP for Networks