Professional Academic Associations

Association of Caribbean Historians

The Association of Caribbean Historians is a multilingual, independent, professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean history from a multidisciplinary, pan-Caribbean perspective, and is the primary association for scholarly and public historians working in the field.  It has been holding its annual conference since 1972. Presenters are invited to give their papers in English, French or Spanish.  Translation services are provided.  


Caribbean Studies Association

The Caribbean Studies Association is an independent professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean studies from amultidisciplinary, multicultural point of view.  It is the primary association for scholars and practioners working on the Caribbean region (including Central America and the Caribbean Coast of South America).  It hosts an annual conference each year. 


Society of Caribbean Studies (UK)

The Society of Caribbean Studies aims to advance public education about the Caribbean and its diasporas and to encourage and disseminate research on all aspects of the Caribbean region and its peoples. The main activity of the Society is its Annual Conference, which has been held every year since 1977. The Conference attracts participants from the United Kingdom, Europe, North America and the Caribbean, and from all disciplines within the broad field of Caribbean studies.