Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, Issue 12 (December 2018) Now Available Online!

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We are pleased to announce the publication of Issue 12 (December 2018) of the Caribbean Review of Gender Studies, entitled “Gender and Anticolonialism in the Interwar Caribbean.”

You can find the issue online here:


Reena N. Goldthree and Natanya Duncan, “Feminist Histories of the Interwar Caribbean: Anti-colonialism, Popular Protest, and the Gendered Struggle for Rights”

W. Chris Johnson, “Travel Sickness: Pan-Africanism, Medicine and Misogynoir in Caribbean Harlem”

Tyesha Maddox, “More than Auxiliary: Caribbean Women and Social Organizations in the Interwar Period”

Kaysha Corinealdi, “A Section for Women: Journalism and Gendered Promises of Anti-Colonial Progress in Interwar Panama”

Grace Sanders Johnson, “Burial Rites, Women’s Rights: Death and Feminism in Haiti, 1925-1938”

Nicole Bourbonnais, “Discrimination in Any Shape or Form: Black Activism and Women’s Rights in Interwar Bermuda”  

Gladys M. Jiménez-Muñoz, “’Race’ and Class among Nacionalista Women in Interwar Puerto Rico: The Activism of Dominga de la Cruz Becerril and Trina Padilla de Sanz”  

Janelle Rodriques, “‘Do Something to Mek She Change’: Reading Respectability in- and unto the National Female Body in two Jamaican Interwar Fictions of Obeah”

Faith Smith, “Fabricating Intimacies: Artificial Silk and Cloth Wives in the Interwar Moment”  

Amrita Bandopadhyay, “Romancing Jamaica: The National Imaginary and Jamaican-Chinese Women”

Aliyah Khan, “Protest and Punishment: Indo-Guyanese Women and Organized Labor”

Rose Mary Allen, “Negotiating Gender, Citizenship and Nationhood through Universal Adult Suffrage in Curaçao”

Bridget Brereton, “‘She came as a stranger and made herself one of us’: Two Irish Women and Anti-colonial Agitation in Trinidad, 1938-1945”

Reena N. Goldthree, “Writing New Histories of War and Women’s Activism in Jamaica: An Interview with Dalea Bean”