CFP, Panel on the Caribbean, 2018 LASA Congress

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In keeping with the theme of the 2018 Congress ("Latin American Studies in a Globalized World"), I'm putting together a panel, tentatively titled "Translating/Transplanting the Caribbean," seeking papers that explore and problematize how the experience of the Caribbean and its attendant theories are translated/transported to Latin America, other spaces, and theoretical frameworks beyond the geopolitical construct understood as the Caribbean proper. Focusing on literature, film, popular culture, or visual culture, papers should consider how this translational experience and its circuitry can also serve as a means of theorizing (Afro-)Latinx/(Afro-)Latin American/(Afro-)Hispanic existence in "non-Caribbean" spaces through theories of creolization, relation, etc, when national and regional discourses fail to do so. What are the benefits and pitfalls of this conceptual translation/transplantation?

Please send a 200-word abstract and a brief bio to by August 31, 2017