Review Editors Call for H-Caribbean

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The editors of H-Caribbean invite applications to join the H-Caribbean editorial board as review editors under the umbrella of H-Net Reviews.

H-Net Reviews has been publishing online scholarly reviews since 1993, taking advantage of the speed and flexibility of the online format while maintaining the highest scholarly standards, with tens of thousands of reviews in the archive to date.

Review editors commission and edit reviews of recent publications, digital media, films, teaching content, or other material of interest to network subscribers. Review editors should have strong qualifications (advanced candidacy or Ph.D.) in Caribbean History, Caribbean Studies, Caribbean Culture, Caribbean Politics, and/or Caribbean Art, and possess tact, editorial competence, and a willingness to commit to a two-year term. H-Net handles all book ordering and mailing and provides professional copyediting for every review. H-Russia reviews are sent out to the network's nearly 2,600 subscribers, as well as the 4,100+ subscribers to the H-Review listserv, and remain free and accessible in perpetuity on the H-Net Commons.

Teams of review editors who wish to collaborate on shaping H-Caribbean reviews program are especially encouraged to apply. Scholars who wish to write reviews for H-Caribbean are also invited to get in touch.

For more information, please email Emily Joan Elliott, H-Net's Associate Director for Research & Publications and Managing Editor of Reviews, at

Those interested in applying should submit a short introductory letter expressing their interest and a CV.