Cervantes and Poetry: The Power of Words

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Cervantes and Poetry: The Power of Words


As part of collaboration between the Cervantes Society of America and the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry*, we invite proposals for a panel for the 2019 meeting of the SRBHP to be held at UC Irvine, 17-19 October. The theme is Cervantes and poetry and the power of words. Non-restricting examples of different approaches to this topic are:


–Cervantes as a poet: the power of words

–Cervantes as a theorist of poetry

–Cervantes and the poets of his time: literary prestige and cultural power

–Poetry interpolated in Cervantes’ works


Abstracts will be reviewed by a selection committee. Send 250-word abstracts by April 15, 2019 to Mercedes Alcalá-Galán, University of Wisconsin-Madison malcalag@wisc.edu and Luis Avilés laviles@uci.edu.


*Participants must be members in good standing of the CSA and the SRBHP.