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"Folger Cervantes" is an H-Cervantes blog for participants in the fall 2015 Folger Institute (Washington, DC) seminar called "Cervantes's Later Fictions and the Early Modern Historical Imagination."  All subscribers, however, may participate in the discussion.  Click on the blog tab whenever you would like to check for a new post or reply to the ongoing discussion.  Welcome!

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Thank you for bringing this discussion group to H-Cervantes, Bob! I look forward to reading, and participating, in the discussions that Folger Cervantes will grace us with. Folger is a wonderful group and I feel that merging H-Cervantes with them will create some interesting dialogue with our members.

This is a great opportunity for communication. I can't wait to see the posts. Adelante!

Remember, if you want to reply, just subscribe to H-Cervantes. It's free and is a great resource for all Cervantes scholars.

Hi. Since I missed most of it, can someone bring me up to speed on last week's discussion of Lepanto and the moriscos?