Discussion Thread Help

After the Threads page loads completely, click on a subject inside the menu. You will be taken to an alphabetized list of discussion threads related to that subject. Choose and click on a thread title. Either you will be taken directly to list of postings sorted chronologically or you will be taken into the logs to the month/s and year when the subject was discussed.

If your selected subject on the Threads page is preceded by "Click on, then scroll down to" or "Please click on, then scroll down to," you will be taken into the logs. Once there, you must scroll down the log page until you find the first word of your subject title. Be sure to scan all subject titles for that month (two months if the discussion bridges a two-month period) for stray postings; sometimes the "alphabetizer sorter" fails due to vagaries in the subject titles of the postings. To read the discussion of your subject, click on the "View" link of any listed posting. To return to the list of postings, click on your browser's "Back" icon in your screen's upper left hand corner.

Some threads in H-Africa's archives cannot be found with H-Net's powerful search engine. Several entire months seem to be hidden. When you see a thread that is preceded by (Please click on, then scroll down to), that denotes a thread hidden from the search engine. If you see (Click on, then scroll down to)--without the "Please", that may or may not be found by the search engine. As construction of the web site continues, either "Please" will be added to (Click on, then scroll down to) [if the search engine does not work], or the thread's subject will stand alone (denoting the search engine works). The phrase (Click on, then scroll down to) was added to many thread links when H-Net underwent a significant transition in 1999. At that time several hundred links from the Threads page to H-Africa's archives broke. This was also before Dennis Boone's powerful H-Net search engine came online. But to the point--as powerful as the search engine is, you cannot rely on it for a complete search. The hand crafted threads page helps compensate for the search engine's inability to take into consideration all online editing vagaries in the early years of H-Africa's existence.

On the Threads page sometimes more names are listed under your selected subject than there are postings in the logs. This is because our Online Editors occasionally combined individual postings into a collective one. Contributors are usually listed in the chronological order of their postings--first to last.

If you cannot find your thread, we recommend that you carry out a search using these parameters. If your search fails, we invite you to begin a new thread.