H-Africa is Recruiting Network and Project Editors

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Dear H-Africa Community,

Did you know that H-Africa is a community of almost 5,000 people?   We are! 

Did you know that H-Africa is run by all volunteer labor? It is! 

H-Africa is looking to enlarge the editorial staff!  We welcome applications from all Africanist scholars (earlier career to recently retired), and we encourage applications from a variety of disciplines. Scholars from around the world are highly welcome. Serving as an H-Africa editor is a terrific way to promote the diffusion and circulation of information.

Network Editors serve the community by posting news and announcements. By posting calls for papers at conferences, notices about new publications or publication opportunities, fellowships and job opportunities, network editors provide a service to the community. Network editors also prompt discussions and debates and encourage contributions that advance different fields in African Studies. 

Project Editors propose and develop ideas they are passionate about to help meet community needs. 

At this time, H-Africa is seeking both network editors who routinely post messages, and project editors who are interested in developing podcasts, course syllabi databases, a database of recent dissertations about Africa or the African diaspora or work on the ongoing African digital archives project or the H-Net cross-network project "Refugees in African History." If you have an idea for a project not listed, please contact us. There are many opportunities. 

Editors choose their own schedule, and the team divides the work as evenly as possible. The H-Africa team is very collaborative and supportive.  If you are interested in joining our team, please send a note of interest and a CV to editorial-africa@mail.h-net.msu.edu.

It is important that all volunteers: 1) have regular internet access when editing; 2) read and write English fluently; 3) commit to working collaboratively with other scholars; 4) agree to remain in regular communication with the team and H-Net via email; and 5) are active in our field of study.

H-Net provides quick and helpful online training to editors and sustains an editorial support network. More information is available at https://networks.h-net.org/h-net-network-editors