TOC: Journal of Eastern African Studies, Volume 11, Issue 4

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Journal of Eastern African Studies
Volume 11, Issue 4

Marx in campus: print cultures, nationalism and student activism in the late 1970s Kenya
Duncan Omanga & Kipkosgei Arap Buigutt
Pages: 571-589

Dirty things: spiritual pollution and life after the Lord’s Resistance Army
Letha Victor & Holly Porter
Pages: 590-608

Shifting trajectories of inter-ethnic relations in Western Ethiopia: a case study from Gidda and Kiremu districts in East Wollega
Zelalem Teferra
Pages: 609-627

“In the interests of justice?” The International Criminal Court, peace talks and the failed quest for war crimes accountability in northern Uganda
Anna Macdonald
Pages: 628-648

The ghost in the news room: the legacy of Kenya’s 2007 post-election violence and the constraints on journalists covering Kenya’s 2013 General Election
Lisa Weighton & Patrick McCurdy
Pages: 649-669

The vulnerability and resilience of smallholder-inclusive agricultural investments in Tanzania
Jennifer J. West & Ruth Haug
Pages: 670-691

New institutional formation in the intersection of Tanzanian decentralization and HIV/AIDS interventions
Catherine A. Long
Pages: 692-713

From protection to repression: the politics of street vending in Kampala
Graeme Young
Pages: 714-733

Resisting resettlement in Rwanda: rethinking dichotomies of “survival”/“resistance” and “dominance”/“subordination”
Gumira Joseph Hahirwa, Camilla Orjuela & Stellan Vinthagen
Pages: 734-750