ToC: Special Issue of African Economic History: Essays in Honor of Paul E. Lovejoy

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The latest issue of African Economic History is out! This special issue is edited by Mohammed Bashir Salau and Toyin Falola. It commemorates the work and mentorship of Professor Paul E. Lovejoy, focused on issues related to slavery across the African continent. See the table of contents below. 


African Economic History Vol. 49, No. 1

Special Issue: Unraveling Aspects of African Economic History:

Essays in Honor of Paul E. Lovejoy


Mohammed Bashir Salau, Toyin Falola


Promises and Pitfalls of Global Comparisons: Slavery in West African Political Cultures
Benedetta Rossi


Slavery, The End of Slavery, and the Intensification of Work in the French Soudan, 1883–1912
Richard Roberts


The Yoruba Church Missionary Society Slavery Conference 1880
Olatunji Ojo


Slavery, Remembrance, and Sites Of Historical Memory: The Case of Badagry
Edmund Abaka, George Xorse Kumasenu


The Status of Enslaved Women in West Central Africa, 1800–1830
Mariana P. Candido, Vanessa S. Oliveira


The Sahara and North Africa in the Nineteenth Century: The Views of Dorugu Kwage Adamu and Nicholas Said
Mohammed Bashir Salau


“What Rascals!”: Perceptions of Free Labor in the Bulama Settlement, 1792–1793
Tim Soriano


Class and Credit in a Regional Salt Economy: "The Story of My Father.": Tishit and the Desert Salt Trade, Mauritania-Mali
E. Ann McDougall


Land and Settlement: Temne Responses to British Abolitionist Intervention in Sierra Leone in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries
Suzanne Schwarz