The Toyin Falola Interviews: A Conversation with Tunde Kelani (Podcast, Part 4 of 4)

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The Toyin Falola Interviews: A Conversation with Tunde Kelani (Podcast, Part 4 of 4)


This Podcast features Professor Jonathan Haynes, a retired professor from Long Island University, Brooklyn. He is very well known for his book, Nollywood: The Creation of Nigerian Film Genres. Haynes has contributed to the special edition of African Cinema, and he is a recipient of many awards.


In this conversation, Jonathan Haynes and Toyin Falola posed a series of questions to Tunde Kelani on his ongoing projects, and his participation in global media with global cultural exchange with local accents.


Kelani reveals that he has done a number of documentaries for the BBC over the years, and has worked as a journalist and videographer.


            Tunde Kelani clarifies his definition of globalization, as an idea to tell our story, start local and then go global using the available media through the aid of the internet. He believes in the power of the cinema to effect social transformations.





Tunde Kelani is a renowned filmmaker, storyteller, director, photographer, cinematographer, and movie producer. He studied Art and Technique of Filmmaking in the London International Film School, where he obtained his Diploma.


He is a promoter of Nigerian cultural heritage, and his movies have promoted and educated viewers about Nigeria's culture. After several successful years in the Nigerian Film Industry, Kelani founded Mainframe Film & Television Productions, which was formed to document Nigeria’s rich culture, in movies.


Tunde Kelani has received several awards and recognitions in honor of his boundless works in film production and scriptwriting.



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