ANN: New H-Net cross-network project "Refugees in African History"

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We are very excited to announce the launch of our new H-Net Cross-Network   "Refugees in African History".  This space serves to facilitate the sharing of information concerning research, teaching and discussions on refugees in African history. The aim of this cross-network is to link members, discussions and resources on H-Africa with those on H-Migration where they concern the history of refuge seeking across Africa and beyond. It is dedicated to a historical perspective on refuge seeking in Africa as well as to and from the African continent. While maintaining a historical focus, we also welcome interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary discussions that contribute to a broader understanding of the history of refuge seeking on the continent. We do not set temporal limits; pre-colonial perspectives are just as welcome as those on recent developments. We also aim at being inclusive, so no matter whether you are an academic, a practitioner or a refugee please browse and contribute. We look forward to becoming a vibrant community!

For further information on the project and on how to subscribe or engage, see: