An Appeal to H-Net's Community of Scholars

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Dear H-Net Community,


Fifteen years ago, a colleague recommended I visit H-Net. I found a community of scholars who engaged in high-level discussions with grace and collegiality, openly shared information, and answered queries freely. Whether you have been a member since 1993 or just found us in the last few months, I hope your experience is similar.


After a few “seeking new editors” requests posted to H-Africa, I found myself volunteering; I am now completing my third term on H-Net Council. Along the way, I have worked with outstanding volunteer faculty and dedicated staff folks who help assist H-Net editors in maintaining strong networks. It has been my privilege to become more involved in this community and help it grow and flourish.

Recently, H-Net Council asked us to donate. Today, I am personally inviting you to join me in making a gift, and I will match your support, dollar for dollar, up to $300. Together, we can provide the equivalent revenue of two H-Net job postings and ensure H-Net remains a vibrant space for academia. We are so close to reaching our fundraising goal for this campaign. If you are able, I hope that you will donate a gift of $10, $25, or $50, which I will double!



Lorna Zukas

Professor at National University, H-Africa Editor, H-Net Council Member


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Lorna Zukas

Professor at National University, H-Africa Editor, H-Net Council Member

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