ToC: African Archaeology Review (37, 1) March 2020

Akin Ogundiran Discussion

Special Issue: Spatial Approaches in African Archaeology

Guest Editors: Cameron Gokee and Carla Klehm 

ISSN: 0263-0338 (Print) 1572-9842 (Online)



Geospatial Analysis in African Archaeology: Current Theories, Topics, and Methods

Carla KlehmCameron Gokee   Pages 1-7

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Original Article

Aerial and Spaceborne Remote Sensing in African Archaeology: A Review of Current Research and Potential Future Avenues

Dylan S. DavisKristina Douglass   Pages 9-24


Original Article

From the Bottom Up: Assessing the Spectral Ability of Common Multispectral Sensors to Detect Surface Archaeological Deposits Using Field Spectrometry and Advanced Classifiers in the Shashi-Limpopo Confluence Area

Olaotse L. ThabengStefania MerloElhadi Adam   Pages 25-49


Original Article

Water, Geography, and Aksumite Civilization: The Southern Red Sea Archaeological Histories (SRSAH) Project Survey (2009–2016)

Michael J. HarrowerSmiti NathanJoseph C. Mazzariello…   Pages 51-67


Original Article

Capturing People on the Move: Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing in the Bantu Mobility Project, Basanga, Zambia

Matthew PawlowiczJeffrey FleisherKathryn de Luna   Pages 69-93


Original Article

Mapping the Villagescape: An Archaeological Approach to Political Ecology Along the Falemme River, AD 1000–1900

Cameron GokeeIbrahima Thiaw   Pages 95-124


Original Article

Sensory Synaesthesia: Combined Analyses Based on Space Syntax in African Urban Contexts

Monika Baumanova   Pages 125-141


Original Article

Collaborative Mapping of Sacred Forests in Southern Ethiopia: Canopies Harboring Conflict Landscapes?

Kathryn Weedman ArthurSean StrettonMatthew C. Curtis  Pages 143-168


Book Review

R. N. E. Barton, A. Bouzouggar, S. N. Collcutt, and L.T. Humphrey (Eds): Cemeteries and Sedentism in the Later Stone Age of NW Africa: Excavations at Grotte des Pigeons, Taforalt, Morocco

David Lubell   Pages 169-171


Book Review

Kathleen Bickford Berzock (Ed.): Caravans of Gold, Fragments in Time: Art, Culture, and Exchange Across Medieval Saharan Africa

Anne Haour   Pages 173-174


Book Review

Scott MacEachern: Searching for Boko Haram: A History of Violence in Central Africa

Natalie Swanepoel   Pages 175-177