TOC: Latest issue of the Journal of Natal and Zulu History out now: Vol 33

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Journal of Natal and Zulu History Volume 33 is now available:





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Pages: 87-103

Empire and Asian Migration: Sovereignty, Immigration Restriction and Protest in the BritishSettler Colonies, 1888–1907. By JEREMY C. MARTENS. Crawley, Western Australia: UWA Publishing, 2018. 288 pp. ISBN 978-1742589749.

  •     Introduction: Transnational and Comparative Immigration Histories: FromFlows and Connections to Differences, UMA DHUPELIA-MESTHRIE
  •     Colonial Difference, MARGARET ALLEN
  •     The Challenges of Transnational History, RACHEL BRIGHT
  •     Whig History Upended: Democracy and Repression in the White Dominions, NORMAN ETHERINGTON
  •     Author’s Response: Empire and Asian Migration, JEREMY MARTENS
Pages: 104-115

To Swim with Crocodiles: Land, Violence, and Belonging in South Africa, 1800–1996.ByJILL E. KELLY. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press; Pietermaritzburg: UKZN Press, 2019. 342 pp. ISBN 978161862850 (pbk).

  •     Introduction: The Past in the Present, GERHARD MARÉ
  •     Dynamics of  ukukhonza, JOHN WRIGHT
  •     In whose small corner?, JOHN AITCHISON
  •     Considering the Nature of Political Violence, HEATHER HUGHES
  •     Author’s Response: Chief by the People, Chief by the Land, JILL E. KELLY