CONF: The Somali Territories and Somali Diaspora in the Modern World (Harvard University, November 15)

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The Somali Territories and Somali Diaspora in the Modern World:

Knowledge, Power, Practice


Harvard University

November 15, 2019


Location: Lower Library, Robinson Hall

Time: 9-5pm




Welcoming Remarks


Iman Mohamed (Harvard University) and Safia Aidid (Harvard University), Workshop Co-Organizers



Panel 1: Home and Belonging in the Diaspora


Carrying Culture: Temporal and Spatial Constructions of Somalia Among Women in the


Suban Nur Cooley (Michigan State University)


The Qalanjo Project: Using Culturally Relevant Pedagogical Approaches to Bridge Gaps &

Create Cultural Programming for Somali Students in Minneapolis

Sara A. Osman (The Qalanjo Project)


At Home and Abroad: Transnational Political Practices of the Somali Diaspora in the United


Ilhan Dahir (Columbia University)



Panel 2: Somalis in the Domestic and Global Order


Beyond Liberal Peacebuilding: Lessons from AMISOM in Somalia

Abdiasis Issa (Balsillie School of International Affairs)


The Arrogance of the Leviathan: Global War on Terror and Techno-Politics in Somalia

Monica Fagioli (Independent Scholar) and Debora Malito (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University)


Waxqabadka Xawaalada: Somalis in the Global Financial/Security Order

Hafsa Mohamed (University of California Santa Cruz)


To Move is to Stir: Immigrant Movement and Public Housing

Nima Dahir (Stanford University)



Lunch Break



Panel 3: Surveilling the Somali


Liminalities of Somalinimo: CVE and Community Organizing in the Diaspora Space of Boston

Hanna Sheikh (Dartmouth College)


On Being Black, Muslim, and a Refugee: Stories of Somalis in Chicago

Ifrah Magan (New York University)


Policing Somali Refugees

Mohamed Abumaye (California State University San Marcos)



Panel 4: Histories and Legacies


“Bringing ʿIlm to the Common People: The Didactic Religious Poetry of the Ulama of Brava”

Lidwien Kapteijns (Wellesley College) also on behalf of Alessandra Vianello (London)


New and Old Mogadishians? Memory and Space in a Contested City

Surer Qassim Mohamed (University of Cambridge)


Dealing with the Past: Transitional Justice Approaches in the Context of Somali Region

Fowsia Abdulkadir (Independent Scholar)



Coffee Break



Panel 5: Rethinking the Post-Conflict Landscape


Studying the Somali Tahriib Movement: Indigenous and Decolonizing Methodological Research

Jaafar Dirie (University of Toronto)


Localization - Reframing the Debate through Lessons from Hollywood

Nasra A. Ismail (Independent Scholar)


Reconstructing the Education System and Post-Conflict Recovery in Somalia

Faiza Hassan (Independent Scholar)