Temsalet: Stories of Accomplished Ethiopian Women

Deborah Zinn Discussion

Hello all,

What a wonderful project -- have a look around...  http://www.ethiopianwomenunleashed.org and thank you to my friend Tsigie Haile of WISE for letting me know.http://www.wise.org.et It's a personal pleasure to have met, worked with & to know several of the women nominated. ps Journalists -- a good opportunity for an article?? pps An English version of the book will be available soon (Use Contact Us on website) "Suggest an ‘Ethiopian Women Unleashed’ 

If you know an accomplished Ethiopian woman whose story you think we should add to this database, please send us an email with her name, her contact information and a little bit of information about why you think she should be included. Your candidate can be a figure from history or a contemporary woman. You can use our Contact Page to send us your message. Here is the working definition of an accomplished woman we have been using, for you to consider as you think of candidates:

A woman of Ethiopian origin (whether from Ethiopia or the diaspora) or a woman who has conducted significant work in Ethiopia, though foreign;

Who has achieved success in her field of endeavor or work, going beyond normal societal expectations and challenging stereotypes;

Either by breaking barriers that barred women’s advancement or by overcoming obstacles in her own life or her social context, or simply by advancing the field in which she worked;

Whose success has made a difference in her community, in Ethiopia or even in the larger world,

Although she may or may not be famous or widely recognized as yet for her achievement. Life stories that show determination, courage, resilience, and persistence in the face of challenges, and that can therefore serve as inspiration for younger women, are especially desirable. In addition, women who have demonstrated a commitment to help others are especially desirable. Candidates may be of any age and may be alive or deceased. Help us improve our information If you know something more about a woman we have profiled that you believe would add to the value of her profile or correct information we may have that is incorrect, please send us an email and help us make the profiles as accurate and valuable as possible. Many thanks for your participation."