CFP for CHA 2020: Gender on the Settler Colonial Frontier

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Panel Call for Papers

Due Date: 

October 12, 2019 (CHA deadline is October 15, 2019)

Subject Fields: 

19th Century / Colonial / Geographic Region, North America / Geographic Region, Sub-Saharan Africa / Subject, Settler Colonialism / Subject, Gender / Subject, Race / Subject, Indigenous


Gender on the Settler Colonial Frontier: How Women Participated in and Resisted Settler Colonisation in North America and Southern Africa, Comparisons and Differences


The Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association will take place from 1-3 June 2020 at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. The conference has no set topic but encourages transnational and comparative topics.


This workshop will explore how women participated in the construction of settler societies in North America and southern Africa, with a special interest in Canada, the United States, and South Africa.


On the settler colonial frontier, women played important roles in establishing, but also resisting, the construction and function of empire. White women acted as stewards of culture and society and often pushed boundaries of gendered performance established in the metropol to carve out new spaces of opportunity for themselves in settler communities. However, their contribution to settler society often came at cost to Indigenous communities, particularly women and children. This panel seeks to ask where women fit into or outside of settler colonial societies, how women facilitated settler colonial regimes, or how women acted to destabilise empire. While our current geographic range is limited to North America and Southern Africa we welcome unique questions around the definition of empire, new sources of geographic study on empire, or other regional submissions in places already widely understood as historically subject to settler colonialism.


We are also seeking a chair, at this time.


Please submit a 250-word abstract to Carla Joubert ( and a 1-page CV.


Panel Organiser Contact Info:

Carla Joubert, Ph.D. Candidate

E-mail: cjoubert@uwo

University affiliation: Western University

Supervisor: Dr. Laurel Shire