Call for Participants: Writing Saved Me: Re-textualising Global Politics

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Call for Participants for an edited volume for the book series, Creative Interventions in Global Politics


‘Writing Saved Me: Re-textualising Global Politics’

edited by Shine Choi, Cristina Masters, Swati Parashar and Marysia Zalewski


We each start writing and continue to write for different reasons. This book project seeks participants/co-writers who write because it is their chosen mode of living and outliving the constraints the world places on us. Traditional methods of writing global politics add another layer of constraints; they have often had the effect of hushing, subordinating and/or strangling the voices of those seeking to problem-solve through new and subversive solutions. This book project seeks to offer ‘creativity’ and ‘creative interventions’ as an alternate mode and locus of meaning making about global politics. We understand creativity as a powerful, embodied lens through which to view, experience, and contribute to the world (and please do not feel constrained by what global politics seems to be). Most centrally, creative interventions are important ’survival tactics’ (Anzaldúa 1990) to traverse the multiple life worlds we are part of and which we negotiate in our daily and professional lives. Thus, creative interventions are not necessarily about artistic or cultural productions, though we see artists and cultural workers leading many innovations on surviving the worlds we live. Nor are creative interventions necessarily interchangeable with ‘critical, ‘critical theory’ or ‘critique’, especially when the critical, in its varied guises, so often fails us. Creative interventions are more foundationally about remaining free(er), productive, and moving – especially moving – when faced with boundaries, closed door, limits of intelligibility and appropriateness. It is about continuing to live, survive and move in ways and orientations that feel specifically and intimately true under duress, under (in)visible violences. 


This project invites proposals seeking to ‘write-represent’ global politics creatively by working through sensory modes of meaning making and understanding that might better position us to ’stealthily’ challenge systems of global oppression, exclusion, and violence. These sensory modes might include doodles, diaries, art, or the detritus of our research. This edited volume, and this attempt at editing a volume, will reflect on what creativity is, and how we might harness it as a mode of doing research-otherwise in global politics.


We seek participants interested in contributing to an edited – creatively defined – book slotted for 2020 publication. We welcome participants with a wide and eclectic ranging capacities to contribute. The book project seeks to reflect the ethos of collaboration grounded on sharing what is not quite there yet but in sharing contributes to  our participants’ respective survival/writing projects and enliven the broader reading/writing community. Possible contributions might include but are not limited to:

  • a book chapter that presents the central idea(s) from those working on a book project at various stages; 
  • reflections on writing and when you think you are creative or fail to be; 
  • a photo-essay/texture poem/zine pages/word collage/doodles from the field that gives us a taste of an ongoing project;
  • notebook/teaching-research journal page; 
  • policy/work-related report that you think was particularly boundary-pushing and/or reinventing the genre; 
  • a failed grant proposal that you think is super creative; 
  • terrible art, hesitantly drawn lines, poorly conceptualised ambitious projects, and various other glorious commitments to ideas regardless of whether they live up to authorial, disciplinary, and socially sanctioned expectations;
  • or you have no idea what you can contribute but are interested nonetheless and want to work with us on this project in some capacity.

Details on what we need from participants are to follow but if you are interested in taking part, please email Shine Choi ( and Cristina Masters ( and tell us so – (and also perhaps what you are working on so we can get a sense of how we can work together). For those planning to attend International Studies Association (ISA) in 2020 and would like to be part of our panel proposal, please get in touch ASAP. The due date for general interest emails in the book project is 1 July 2019