Reminder CFP: Images of Blackness in Graphic Novels, Past and Future (Extension to 3/31/18)

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Call for Papers: Images of Blackness in Graphic Novels, Past and Future

This edited volume will offer an opportunity for authors to investigate the ways in which blackness is reimagined in both mainstream and independent comics. Specifically, I propose responding to the following questions: What are the ways in which heroism is redefined by black characters? How are black futures reimagined? What gendered arguments are made through this medium? What are the challenges in presenting to black audiences in this largely white genre? How do the creators depict the continent of Africa and/or communities in the African Diaspora? How are black bodies presented in graphic comics and novels? Finally, how are themes of social justice specific to black communities presented in this type of medium?      

This volume would address the above questions in addition to the themes indicated below.

  1. Black Futurism
  2. Black Femininity
  3. Black Masculinity
  4. Imagery of Blackness
  5. Conceptions of Africa and/or Diaspora
  6. Black Bodies in Comics
  7. The Use of Comics for Social Change
  8. Narratives of publishing Black-themed Graphic Novels and Comics

All submissions should include a 200-word abstract uploaded to Finalized contributions should be sent as Microsoft Word and/ or JPEG attachment by March 31st, 2018. Articles will be in English.  In terms of submission requirements, utilize FIRE!!!’s style guide located at under the author’s tab.