CfP: Africa in the History of Global Health, LSA 2023

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This panel is part of the annual Lagos Studies Association Conference (22-24 June 2023, hybrid). A registration fee of N10,000 for Nigeria-based panelists and $100 for international panelists is required which also covers 9 full meals. 


The panel seeks to explore how Africans have participated in global health since the colonial era. It examines the role of Africa in the development of knowledge, technology, and policy related to health - with an emphasis on topics with international reach (such as pandemics, vaccines, radioactive fallout, sanitation, environmental pollution, mental health, etc.). Research questions could include: How have Africans shaped medical practices and scientific narratives? To what extent does the relationship between Black bodies and medicine vary across time and space? What has been the impact of colonialism on the implementation of public health policies in Africa today? What is the place of African scientists, institutions and ecologies in the history of global health? How have Africans contributed to our understanding of mental health? What has helped or hindered African participation in the production of scientific knowledge? How has Africa been represented in international health organisations? Is it helpful to distinguish between “expert”, “layman” and “indigenous” knowledge? What changes have decolonisation and the Cold War brought about regarding Africa’s place in global health? Is the history of global health ready for an “Africa-centred” narrative?  

Practical information: 

Contact Ayodeji Adegbite and Chloë Mayoux at to apply. Applications should be submitted by 28 February, and include a 250-word abstract alongside a short biography.