Call for Papers for Africa Knowledge Project Journals

Azuka Nzegwu Discussion

Preservation of Indigenous West African Cultures and Knowledge through Toponyms, Symbols and Artefacts
Guest edited by Dr. Yaw Owusu-Agyeman

The history, traditions, and cultures of different ethnic groups in West Africa are deeply rooted in naming practices that serve to safeguard the values and heritage of these diverse groups. The colonization of Africa however altered the traditional values and cultures that defined these naming practices.

Deadline for Abstracts: October 15, 2022
Submit to the Preservation of Indigenous West African Cultures issue

Integrate Gaps and Realities of Operationalizing Open Access in Africa
Guest edited by Dr. Monica Mensah Danquah

The Open Access phenomenon arose in the late 1990s and early 2000s to progressively respond to the increasing difficulty of access to scholarly literature. Certainly, the idea of Open Access can be better achieved when access to read and reuse scholarly literature is widely and readily available to society.

Deadline for Abstracts: October 31, 2022
Submit to Gaps and Realities of Open Access in Africa issue

Cultural Ways of Knowing in West African Teaching and Learning
Guest edited by Dr. Laureen Adams

West African cultural ways of knowing have impacted teaching and learning both on the continent and in the diaspora. These epistemologies can maintain culture and also serve as a tool for better academic and social outcomes, as well as liberation. Education as a practice of freedom has been well documented on the continent and throughout the diaspora.

Deadline for Paper: December 16, 2022
Submit to West African Teaching issue

Narratives of Power
Dr. Darlene Russell, New Editor of ProudFlesh journal

Nobel Prize novelist, Toni Morrison once said, “I get angry about things, then go on and work.” This work involves writing, which is an act of resistance and proclamation of empowerment. As Black researchers, teachers, administrators, professionals, and community leaders, we have experienced a cornucopia of emotions in our microcosms and society at large that have catapulted us to push toward change and innovation.

Deadline for Abstracts: October 31, 2022
Submit to Narratives of Power issue

Black Motion: Looking Our Way Back to Black
Guest edited by Dr. Mary Weems, Professor Babacar M’Baye and Professor Mwatabu Okantah

This issue will examine how contemporary black people of both Africa and the African diaspora reinvent and reimagine their identities in terms that celebrate or draw attention to the body. These ways of imagining, representing the body and its various parts have historically played important roles in the lives of both Africans and peoples of African descent.

Deadline for Paper: January 31, 2023
Submit to Black Motion issue