Call for papers: Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography (EJAB)

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Dear colleagues,


The editorial team of the Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography (EJAB) is re-issuing its call for papers.  Please consider submitting a manuscript or recommend EJAB to any advanced graduate student in African studies, including those interested in Africana librarianship.

EJAB is a refereed, online, open access journal of annotated bibliographies and bibliographic essays. Originally published by the University of Iowa Libraries between 1997 and 2014, the journal was relaunched in early 2022 by Columbia University Libraries with a US-based editorial team composed of African studies librarians from Columbia University, Harvard University, The Library of Congress, Michigan State University, and The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.


The mission of the journal is to serve the global research community in African and African Diaspora Studies by publishing freely-accessible, online annotated bibliographies and bibliographic essays on any aspect of Africa and the African Diaspora, including its peoples, their homes, cities, towns, districts, states, countries, and regions, and in all subject areas, with a special interest in history, politics, social movements, sustainable development, technology, creative literature, and the arts.


The editorial team is interested in receiving manuscript proposals for late 2022 or early 2023.  We are particularly keen to publish works which address one of the following topics:

  • cultural, economic, political, and/or social responses to COVID-19 in Africa 
  • African youth in the 21st century 
  • environmental and human security in the Sahel region
  • identity, conflict, and peace in the Horn of Africa or the African Great Lakes region
  • Islamic revival in Africa in the 21st century
  • China-Africa relations in the 21st century
  • human rights movements in Africa since 1990 involving persons with disabilities, women and girls, or LGBTQI* persons
  • the international reparations movement for the descendants of those enslaved in the era of the transatlantic slave trade
  • cultural and political expressions of Black internationalism since 1994

See our "Submission Guidelines"


If interested in publishing with EJAB, please contact the Managing Editor, Dr. Yuusuf Caruso, African Studies Librarian, Columbia University, at


Thank you for your support,

The Editorial Team at EJAB