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We hope you might find these new, and new in paperback, African Studies titles from Ohio University Press and Fordham University Press of interest:


Africanizing Oncology

Creativity, Crisis, and Cancer in Uganda

Marissa Mika

Combining methods from African studies, science and technology studies, and medical anthropology, Marissa Mika considers the Uganda Cancer Institute as a microcosm of the Ugandan state and as a lens through which to trace the political, technological, moral, and intellectual aspirations and actions of health care providers and patients. 

Ohio University Press | New African Histories | September 2022 | 248pp | 9780821425091 | PB

Carceral Afterlives

Prisons, Detention, and Punishment in Postcolonial Uganda

Katherine Bruce-Lockhart

This social and political history analyzes how incarceration, a practice and policy with colonial origins, was central to both the exertion of and challenges to state power in postcolonial Uganda. The book also illustrates the persistent imbrication of prisons, punishment, politics, and struggles for decolonization and freedom across the globe.

Ohio University Press | New African Histories | May 2022 | 272pp | 9780821424780 | PB

To Speak and Be Heard

Seeking Good Government in Uganda, ca. 1500–2015

Holly Elisabeth Hanson

In contrast to a parliamentary democracy, the Ugandan system requires a level of active engagement much higher than simply casting a vote in periodic elections. Through detailed archival research, Hanson reveals the origins of Uganda’s strategies for good government—assembly, assent, and powerful gifts—and explains why East African party politics often fail.

Ohio University Press | New African Histories | August 2022 | 232pp | 9780821424919 | PB

The Roads to Hillbrow

Making Life in South Africa's Community of Migrants

Ron Nerio and Jean Halley

This book explores a South African neighborhood as it transformed from a “white suburb” under apartheid to become Johannesburg’s most significant “port of entry” for migrants from across the African continent during the 21st century. It weaves personal interviews with historical and scholarly research to portray a community of people struggling to remake their lives.

Fordham University Press | Polis: Fordham Series in Urban Studies | June 2022 | 320pp | 9780823299409 | PB & Ebook

The Politics of the Near

On the Edges of Protest in South Africa

Jérôme Tournadre, Translated by Andrew Brown

The Politics of the Near offers a novel approach to social unrest in post-apartheid South Africa. Keeping the noise of demonstrations, barricades, and clashes with the police at a distance, this ethnography of a poor people’s movement traces individual commitments and the mainsprings of mobilization in the ordinary social and intimate life of activists, their relatives, and other township residents.

Fordham University Press | Thinking from Elsewhere | May 2022 | 320pp | 9780823299959 | PB & Ebook