TOC: Journal of Eastern African Studies, 16:1

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Journal of Eastern African Studies
Table of Contents
Volume 16, 2022 - Issue 1

Editorial announcement
Emma Hunter, Jason Mosley & Paul Tiyambe Zeleke
Page: 1

The histories buildings tell: aesthetic and popular readings of state meaning in Ethiopia
Julia Gallagher, Daniel Mulugeta, Atnatewos Melake-Selam & Joanne Tomkinson
Pages: 2-24

Plural-legalities and the clash between customary law and ‘child rights talk’ among rural communities in Kenya
David Otieno Ngira
Pages: 25-46

Democratisation in Tanzania: no elections without tax exemptions
Ane Karoline Bak & Ole Therkildsen
Pages: 47-67

Who governs? State versus jihadist political order in Somalia
Aisha Ahmad, Tanya Bandula-Irwin & Mohamed Ibrahim
Pages: 68-91

Understanding African views of China: analyses of student attitudes and elite media reportage in Kenya
Brendon J. Cannon, Mikiyasu Nakayama & Dominic R. Pkalya
Pages: 92-114

Popular protests in the Amhara region and political reforms in Ethiopia, 2016–2018
Tompson Makahamadze & Muluken Fikade
Pages: 115-137

Love or crime? Law-making and the policing of teenage sexuality in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo
Alex Veit & Sarah Biecker
Pages: 138-159

Protest, middlemen and everyday meanings of place: reconceptualising the scramble for East Africa’s drylands
James Drew
Pages: 160-179