Advertising Temporary Housing on H-Judaic


H-net has articulated a new set of policies for apartment and home listings. They are already in line with our intentions at H-Judaic, but we'll now need to be explicit about the scholarly connections and utility for the rental.

Basically, the exchange must have an academic purpose, so advertised apartments and houses must include descriptions of relevant scholarly resources. No vacation rentals permitted. Please include your name, email address, and institutional affiliation. Please do NOT inlcude a price, a telephone number, or a precise street address.

After you have read this and are ready to post, you can see the instructions for posting here:


Here is the official wording of the H-net policy for advertising housing:

The Council has approved the following addition to Council policies, Section 2.03, "Editorial Guidelines for H-Net Networks," effective immediately:

Section 2.03 (q) Rental Notices on H-Net Networks.

Posts that announce a specific property for rent must adhere to the following criteria in order to qualify for publication on any of H-Net's public networks:

        • the rental must be offered as a service to scholars, teachers, and researchers in need of temporary housing while pursuing their profession.  Vacation rentals, income-generating rentals, and other such postings are prohibited.
        • the notice must indicate the property's value to traveling scholars by noting its proximity to sites, resources, or institutions needed by scholars in the network's field of coverage.
        • the notice may not indicate pricing of any kind.
        • the notice may not indicate the address or specific location of the property beyond the city or district where it lies.
        • the notice may not indicate any specific contact details, including the phone number, street address, or postal address, of the advertiser, landlord, or individual currently residing on the property.
        • the notice must provide an email address to which interested parties can write for further information.
        • the notice must include a disclaimer, provided either by the editors or the advertiser, that H-Net assumes no liability for the conditions in or any circumstances involving the rental or related transactions.
The intent of the policy is to:

        • preserve H-Net's nonprofit status by avoiding the predominance of unpaid commercial advertisements on its networks;
        • protect the privacy and safety of lessors and lessees by avoiding publication of details as to locations and terms of rental;
        • protect H-Net against liability for rentals that violate local health, safety, or commercial codes;
        • encourage exchange of information useful to traveling scholars, consistent with the network's mission.