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CFP: American Comparative Literature Association Conference at Georgetown University, March 2019

CFP for ACLA 2019, at Georgetown University, March 7-10.

Religion, Ethics, and the Secular in Literature: Intermediality, Intervention, or Conflict of the Faculties? Sponsored seminar by the ICLA Committee on Religion, Ethics, and Literature.  

Re: Query: Torah as Bride of Israel

For the question of Prof. Benjamin Braude - regarding the motif of Torah as bride of Israel -

1. Tamar Kadari, Tokho Ratzuf Ahava: Al haTorah KeRaaya biDershot HaTannatim leShir HaShirim, Tarbiz 71 (2002), pp. 391-404.

2. Arthur Green, Bride, Spouse, Daughter: Images of the Feminine in Jewish Religious Literature, in: Susannah Heschel, ed., On Being a Jewish Feminist, Schocken, New York, pp. 248-260.

Re: Research Query: Kol Bo Herem. Text of the oath pronounced

I have the impression that this information can clarify it further:

The Kolbo Herem went in the modern time a kind of transmutation - and is called today Pulsa deNura; Ceremony that according to the study of Zion Zohar in modern Judeism is nothing more than a renewed ritual – based on the old Kolbo Herem - invented by the Eda Haredit.
See: Zion Zohar, Pulsa De-Nura: The Innovation of Modern Magic and Ritual, Modern Judaism, 27:1 (2007) pp. 72-99.

Admiel Kosman
Potsdam University