Scott Ury

For Rent

NameScott Ury



Time RangeAug.13-Sept. 6, 2019


We will be away between Aug. 13-Sept. 6th and are interested in renting out our 4 room, fully-furnished apt. in Jerusalem's Rehavia neighborhood for part or all of that period.

The apartment centrally located on a side street near the corner of Tchernikovsky and Herzog Streets and is fully-furnished with one bedroom, one children's room and an office that includes a twin bed. There's also a decent size salon. 

The kitchen is fully stocked and comes with most major appliances, including a dishwasher and a washing machine, and there's also central a/c and ceiling fans in the two bedrooms. The place also has two bathrooms, one with a bath and the second with just a shower. Oh, and an extra parking spot.

FYI, its on the second floor without an elevator. 

With many thanks,

Scott Ury