New Podcast: Jewish History Matters

Dear colleagues, we are excited to introduce a new podcast titled Jewish History Matters, featuring interviews and in-depth discussion of new research and enduring debates about Jewish history and culture and why it matters. The podcast launched earlier this year at www.jewishhistory.fm with episodes on topics including "What Ifs of Jewish History," "Why 1938 Matters Today," and more.

Research Query: Investigating the Rochester Synagogue Bombings of 1970

In a span of two weeks in Oct.–Nov. 1970, three synagogues were bombed in Rochester, N.Y., during a larger series of mafia-orchestrated bombings. While I've identified some primary sources, listed below, I've not yet found secondary material referencing the synagogue attacks. Even the retrospective history article in the city newspaper elides the fact that synagogues were among the targeted buildings. Looking beyond Rochester, I want to connect these events to larger trends of anti-Semitism and threats against American synagogues in this period.

Research Query: Literature on what counts as rabbinics

Looking for articles that wrestle with the scope of rabbinics. Not sure how to explain more, but I'm not looking for a reading list on the formation of the Talmud. Is there an academic conversation on what counts as rabbinics? Is that too broad of a discipline? This could either be a discussion about the academic field of "rabbinics" or a discussion about what does or does not count as "rabbinic literature."




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