CFA: Faculty Seminar: Faiths and Ferocity: Research and Teaching Exchanges between Genocide Studies and Interreligious Studies

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Faculty Seminar: Faiths and Ferocity 

Research and Teaching Exchanges between Genocide Studies and Interreligious Studies

July 11-14, 2022

The ICJS inaugural Faculty Seminar  will bring together scholars working in universities and seminaries who research and/or teach in Interreligious Studies or Genocide Studies. Seminar participants will examine encounters between these two areas of study and consider how methodological approaches in both fields can challenge and enrich one another in our teaching and scholarship.

As Interreligious Studies programs emerge in seminaries and in U.S. institutions of higher learning, there has been a concerted effort by scholars in a variety of disciplines to define this new field.​​ These programs are not limited to Religious Studies departments, nor are they limited to the areas of theology and religion, but include courses in the general humanities, as well as in peace and violence prevention programs. Political scientists, philosophers, sociologists, historians, ethicists, psychologists, anthropologists, and others also have been trying to understand the complicated role of religion in both fomenting violence as well as bringing about reconciliation.  An important area of study, in this regard, is Genocide Studies.

By bringing these two areas of study together in this seminar, scholars in both fields of study will open up new questions in their respective scholarly inquiries, as well as explore pedagogical approaches toward addressing violence and reconciliation in interreligious encounters. The seminar is a venue for thoughtful discussion and an opportunity for networking and sharing resources.

Seminar Topics:

  • Religious remembrances of atrocities
  • Religious considerations in genocide perperation, rescue, prevention, and peacemaking
  • Interreligious dialogue as both obstacle and opportunity
  • Theories of peace and violence prevention

* Selection of topics is still in formation. The final selection could differ from this list.  

Seminar Goals: 

  1. To deepen research into the intersections of religion and social justice in Genocide Studies and Interreligious Studies.
  2. To share research and pedagogical methods. 
  3. To identify potential directions in Interreligious Studies that are responsive to the complex relationship between religion and violence in various geographical contexts.
  4. To build and sustain an interdisciplinary learning community to collaborate in research, syllabi, and pedagogical practices.
Program Details 

When: Monday, July 11, 2022, 9:00 AM to Thursday, July 14, 2022, 2:00 PM 

Location: ICJS Library, 956 Dulaney Valley Rd., Baltimore MD 21204

ICJS will provide to each participant: 

  • Hotel accommodation (Sunday, 7/10 through Wednesday, 7/13) 
  • Travel reimbursement (up to $600)
  • Dinner, Sunday, 7/11 
  • Breakfast and lunch, Monday through Thursday
  • Materials, as needed 

Every precaution will be taken to ensure the health and safety of participants. This includes accepted participants providing proof of full vaccination and a booster. 

Apply here.

Due: April 8, 2022